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A key element in the study and practice of homeopathy is the adventure of observing and working directly with experienced homeopaths, viewing and analyzing cases, meeting with colleagues, and putting theories and assumptions to the test.

We run a variety of events across the globe to support our students in their study. Students and homeopaths not enrolled in our programme may come to these events but please note that we do have to give priority to our students.

The table below gives details of workshops and seminars given by staff of the School of Homeopathy worldwide. The list is updated regularly as new events are announced. Read more about individual events in the regional sections. Click on the e-mail links for further details and to apply to attend these events. 

  Event Lecturer Location Dates E-mail
O Seminar Jude Wills
Boulder CO USA 11th Jun - 13th Jun
Sally Tamplin
A Workshop Misha Norland
Vancouver, Canada 5th Jul - 11th Jul
Christine Jambrosic
O Seminar Misha Norland
Vancouver, Canada 9th Jul - 11th Jul
Christine Jambrosic
A Seminar Jo Daly
New York NY USA 19th Nov - 21st Nov
Sally Tamplin
B UK Summer School Misha Norland
Devon 20th May - 21st May
Semira Fardon
A INT Summer School Janet Snowdon
Misha Norland
Devon 7th Jul - 13th Jul
Semira Fardon

O : Open to all students (Years 1,2,3 & 4)
B : Beginner students (Years 1 & 2)
A : Advanced students (Years 2,3 & 4)




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