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Summer School 2005


We have put together a variety of sources for clinical events in Australia. We hope that students are able to attend one of our 7 day Summer Schools in the UK but appreciate this is not always possible.

Australian students are required to attend a total of 120 hours of face to face learning sessions, over the duration of their course. These sessions can take the form of study groups, seminars, workshops, supervised case taking and supervision. The main focus of these sessions is to be on case taking, case analysis, prescribing and case management. Time spent in case taking supervision is included in the required 120 hours.

We have a partnership with Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy (VCCH) and Endeavour College of Natural Health so you can attend their clinics.

The Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy was Established in 1989, VCCH is a college in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. All clinics are held on Fridays – once per month Bookings are essential – please contact Louise Barton by email for full information about the clinics and fees: [email protected]. Clinics provide exciting teaching for the students, where live case taking can be observed. The case is taken in a private room with the students observing via a video link to another room. In this way the patient is given the space they need to express themselves and the students experience live case taking. The clinics act as an important bridge between the world of theory and practice. If you are not able to attend the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy’s clinics then perhaps you can find another clinic local to you that is willing to let you sit in.

The Endeavour College of Natural Health offer a verity of clinical training options for School of Homeopathy students from drop in clinics, summer schools, training days and supervision. Because of Endeavours size they are able to offer a variety of locations and options across Australia. For full details about Endeavours clinics please contact our Australian Representative Sam Adkins.

Study Groups
These are an ideal way of developing an in-depth understanding of case management and prescribing. They also provide opportunities for networking with other students and practitioners. Jo Clarke, our Australian clinical advisor, runs study groups and two weekend workshops per year - subject to demand.

The Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA) run excellent seminars throughout the year. Presenters are always carefully chosen and special rates are available for students.

AROH qualified practitioners run local seminars from time to time. Details of these are often advertised in the state AHA newsletters. Subject to demand, Jo Clarke will also run 2 weekend sessions (16 hours each) a year in new South Wales.

By attending face to face sessions not only will be you be gaining significant extra insights into philosophy, cases and materia medica, but you will also enjoy the companionship of some of your fellow students, making contacts that you can take away with you afterwards – many homeopathic friendships have been formed in this way that then continue as mutual professional support in practice. We get feedback time and time again from our tutors as to how a student’s work has dramatically improved after attending study groups, workshops and seminars, further emphasising their significance as part of your overall training.

Students from Australia are also welcome to attend any of the training sessions provided by the School in the UK and in North America.

In the UK, we offer a 7 day Summer School each year specifically for advanced students who have completed at least Unit 10 of our course -not only does this provide some excellent clinical teaching, but it also enables you to meet other students and members of The School from around the world. You can join some of our attendance course study weekends at The School in England. This would be of particular benefit once you are in Year 3 of your studies, when there is the possibility of 3-day sessions with the U.K. Year 3 and Year 4 students on successive weekends from October to June each year. In North America, we provide 3-day Clinical Seminars and 7-day Clinical Workshops at various locations in America and Canada. The hours of attendance here will be counted as part of the 120 hour requirement.

Please contact the relevant country representative for further event information and prices. Details are on the contact us page.







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