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The School has a strong community in the US, with students in 45 states. We brought our study course to the US in 1987, and have been providing homeopathic education to US students for over 20 years! Our course combines the flexibility of home study with the rigorous training needed to become a successful homeopathic practitioner. That’s because we blend in-depth independent work with hands on, face-to-face training through regional seminars, clinical workshops and a clinical supervision process. Regional study groups also provide community and support to your independent work.

The School of Homeopathy is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths in the UK, so you are assured of an in-depth, quality program . Once you have qualified, you will be a confident, competent homeopath who can go out there, roll up your sleeves, and get to work helping people at the core level of their illness.

Our flexible approach means that you can begin your study with the program at anytime, choose when and where you study, and to what level. You can even ‘port’ the course from one country to another; and you have an open invitation to attend classes and clinics at our home base in England. All this adds up to making our course the most in-depth and flexible program available. Read on and see why so many have trained with us.

Our program progresses through four levels (see the courses section of the site for more detail). For those that wish to practice homeopathy we offer our highest Certification the School of Homeopathy’s Practitioners Diploma, this course consists of:

Time: 3/4 Year period (flexible)
Study: Homeopathy Units 1 – 18
Audio recording: 96 CD’s, 150 lectures
Seminar attendance: 3 x 3 days with senior UK lecturers at US locations
Clinical Observation & Practice: 2 x 7 Day Workshops and/or Summer School (100 hours)
Clinical Supervision: 10 cases with 2 follow-ups each
Medical Science: Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease (sold as separate courses)

Course overview
Each year of the course is divided into easy to manage Units, which you study whilst listening to the CD lectures from the School and reading the specially selected books. The CD recordings bring the best of the classroom teachings to you at home. You get numerous CDs of patient cases with discussions as well as generous amounts of supporting information, examples of student work and model answers. During the course you are guided through the topics by reference to books and supporting explanations, descriptions, and diagrams. You are able to check your progress and reinforce your learning through self-assessment questions and model answers. At the end of each Unit you write up your assessments and then send them off to your personal tutor. All our tutors are highly skilled mentors and experienced professional homeopaths. Most of them studied with us at the School of Homeopathy.
Each course is accompanied by a book list that is essential reading for your study. We offer these books with a 15% discount through Alternative Training or you can purchase them from US suppliers such as Minimum Price Homeopathic Books.

Clinical Observation & Practice
Along with your independent course work, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow students and senior faculty at our regional seminars. We usually offer 3 or 4 seminars each year in the US and Canada, so that you can choose one (or more!) each year that is appropriate and convenient for you to attend. Through lectures, video cases and discussion, they provide new insights into understanding and analyzing the case, and applying new methods for differentiating remedies. This often includes fascinating new proving information. The presentations are structured so that newer students are quickly brought along and their horizons widened. Advanced students and practitioners benefit from new perspective on cases, subtle aspects of remedies, and fresh methods and philosophy presented.

Getting advanced clinical observation is critical to becoming a good homeopath. In your second and third years, you will also attend our week-long workshops, either in the US, Canada or the UK if you like, where you will participants develop their case-work skills, leading to more effective practice. A wide range of teaching cases on video, as well as live cases where practical, are presented. The sessions are designed as interactive, process-orientated learning experiences, leading not only to a much deeper understanding of homeopathy, but also sharpening self awareness and skills in self-evaluation. These 7-day events are especially created for distance learning students and are led by the School’s principal Misha Norland and other senior faculty members. The workshops are a key part of the program, exposing students to plenty of clinic hours and case taking.

Supervised Practice
Our supervision network program means that we take students right through to clinical practice. US students can work with one of our professionally trained supervisors in the US, or you can submit an application to work with someone you choose locally. If you cannot find a suitable local supervisor, then you may contact someone in our network of specially trained distance supervisors, and communicate via email and telephone. We work with you to find the best solution for your individual needs.

The Practitioner Advanced Diploma (PDHom UK)
This is the highest level diploma offered by the School of Homeopathy. There are no formal examinations; rigorous external assessment is provided through completion of the comprehensive assignments sets, with high standards of tutor marking. The full Practitioners Course Diploma is equivalent to UK vocational Degree level or NVQ Level 1 and will ensure your homeopathic career the best possible start.

We also offer various intermediate certificates and diplomas so you can complete just one section of the Program, have a break and then continue with another section at a later date if you wish.

Four main stages of certification are awarded by the School for students progressing through the Program, plus certificates on completion of Alternative Training’s Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Disease, and Nutrition (optional) courses.

Taster Credit
Units 1-2 completed with tutor marking and only if the student does not wish to continue onto the Foundation Course.

Foundation Diploma
Units 1-7, one 3 day regional seminar

Introduction into Practice Diploma
The Foundation Diploma plus:
North America - Units 8-14, one 3 day regional seminar, A&P course

Advanced Diploma Certificate (DHom UK)
The Introduction into Practice Diploma plus:
Units 15-18, one 3 day regional seminar, P&D course

Clinical Certificate
All seminars/summer schools taken over the duration of the course can be counted towards the clinical certificate plus completion of A&P and P&D.
Three x 3 day regional seminars, two x Clinical Workshops with assessments

Practitioner Advanced Diploma Certificate (PDHom UK)
The Advanced Diploma certificate and Clinical certificate plus:
North America - 18-36 months Casework under supervision (Portfolio of 10 cases with 2 follow-ups each)

In North America, completion of our Practitioner Course meets the requirements of the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Council for Homeopathic Certification for taking the CHC examination for Registration (after one to two years of proven practice). By joining our home study course you are assured of receiving a high standard and quality of education, service and care. Students should note, however, that completion of our program does not confer a license to practice. It is wise to review the official licensure policies of your own state before commencing in practice.

Our North American Program is similar to our UK Program. Since the School of Homeopathy is a recognised leader in homeopathic education, the UK diploma (DSH), given on completion of our attendance Practitioner Course, leads to immediate registration in the UK. The UK program is fully accredited by The Society of Homeopaths who are one of British representatives on the European and International Councils for Classical Homeopathy. The Society of Homeopaths was established in 1978 and is the largest organisation representing professional homeopaths in the UK.

We are members of:
SoH - The Society of Homeopaths
ABCC - The Association of the British Correspondence College
BHMA - The British Holistic Medical Association
CMA - The Complementary Medical Association
HCPF - Homeopathy Course Providers Forum
NANHE - North American Network of Homeopathic Educators

Accepted by:
HMA - The Homeopathic Medical Association
CHC - Council for Homeopathic Certification
WCSH - West Coast Homeopathic Society
ARH - Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
PHA - Portuguese Homeopathic Association

Advanced Standing with:
AROH - The Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH)

Partnered with:
NASH - North American Society of Homeopaths
NCH - National Center for Homeopathy

Please read more about our courses and the School on the rest of the site and if you have any questions please contact us or Sally Tamplin, our US Representative.

Sally Tamplin

Contact American Representative
Sally Tamplin
School of Homeopathy
T: (866) 424-8783 Toll-free
F: (866) 424-8783 Toll-free
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"I learned a lot about myself due to it being up to me whether I study or not that day. The key thing about the correspondence course for me was that there were no deadlines for homework, so I had the time to explore the intriguing questions that inevitably come up when learning an art such as this."

- Ida





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