The Taster Book List consists of the following seven titles:

Hahnemann Hahnemann Organon of Medicine £5.50 Info Buy
Kent Kent Lectures on Hom. Philosophy £6.00 Info Buy
Kent Kent Repertory, thumb index medium size £20.00 Info Buy
Morrish Morrish Homeopathy – A Rationale Choice in Medicine £4.50 Info Buy
Roberts Roberts Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy £6.50 Info Buy
Vithoulkas Vithoulkas
Science of Homeopathy £12.95 Info Buy
Wright Wright A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy £2.50 Info Buy

Taster book list – just getting started
Only £58.50
Buy all seven books
P&P not included

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If you are interested in homeopathy and would like to know a little more, are thinking of doing a course or just wish to take your learning a bit deeper then the Taster book list is for you. The five books are good value and easy to read. They give a rounded view of homeopathic philosophy and introduce materia medica. The books also accompany our School of Homeopathy 2/4 months home study Taster Course. Please note that the Taster books are from Book List One so if you do decide to go on with your studies please ensure you buy Book List One without the Taster Books.



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