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The Four Elements

The Four Elements in Homeopathy
by Misha Norland

Mappa Mundi is a system for understanding processes in terms of elemental energies. It can be used as a method of analysing the totality by subdivision, perceiving a state of dynamic balance in terms of action and reaction. These principals can be applied to help us understand homeopathic cases and determine what needs to be cured in each individual case. This methodology has its origins in many ancient cultures. While being most familiar to us via the classical Greek scholars, it has been expanded upon by the homeopath Joseph Reves.

Misha's book, which has been produced in conjunction with Mani Norland, introduces the origins of the Mappa Mundi and then goes on to explain the Doctrine of Polarity, the Elements and Temperaments. A brief overview of Alchemy in relation to Psychology and the Mappa Mundi is also included.

This is a fascinating book that places homeopathy in the wider context of life and nature, and illustrates how this understanding can be applied to help the practitioner view symptoms from a 'new' perspective as part of their case analysis.

The energetic profile of hundreds of remedies, obtained by considering signature and source and applying the Map's methodology, is given for comparison with the profile of a patient - a match indicating a remedy to consider.

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Signatures, Miasms, AIDS Signatures, Miasms, AIDS
by Misha Norland and Claire Robinson

At last - the book from Misha Norland, Principal of the School of Homeopathy. The book examines the historical and alchemical background of healing, placing homeopathy firmly within the context of the ancient, unchanging and practical truths of the 'eternal philosophy'. Based upon this, a model for potency selection is offered.

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Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon -
A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid
by The School of Homeopathy

Produced by students and graduates of The School of Homeopathy, this is a self-help guide to first aid using homeopathy. It provides an introduction to homeopathy and use of homeopathic medicines, an index of common ailments with recommend remedies to be used for various combinations of symptoms, and a brief symptom picture of common first-aid remedies. This is a very practical guide, with informative and amusing drawings of remedy pictures to help you remember them.

Published by Yondercott Press
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Vital Practice, by Sheila Ryan

Vital Practice
by Sheila Ryan

This is a book that has been written for students who are preparing to enter clinical practice under supervision. It contains guidelines to help you through this process as well as examples and exercises to help you make the most of learning from practice.

”Vital Practice is the first text in the worldwide supervision profession that integrates the art and science of homeopathy with those of supervision. In this book Sheila has created a gift for both professions. It will give us a shared text to work from as well as accelerate a homeopathic understanding of supervision practice.”

Kathy Lukas, Co-Principal,
School of Homeopathy New York

"Here's a book which fills a gap in our literature - well two gaps actually. The first is the supervision of practice, the second is the bringing together of homeopathic awareness with current trends in psychotherapeutics and spiritual growth work. The title, Vital Practice gives it away: the book is about helping the practitioner stay in the vital flow, the dynamic of the moment, without prejudice and therefore, hopefully without burnout. The book gives cases and anecdotes and offers exercises to encourage the reader to be awake and creative in their day to day practice."
Misha Norland, Principal,
School of Homeopathy England.

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Angel's Wing Booklets
The following booklets containing information on School of Homeopathy provings are published by Angel's Wing Ltd:

The Homeopathic Proving of AIDS
by Misha Norland

The Homeopathic Proving of Dreaming Potency
by Janet Snowdon

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