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“My aims and hopes for the future of homeopathy are very close to the School’s. It is a real joy for me to be associated with the School and to help further our beloved homeopathy. I feel honoured to be a Patron to the School.”

About Massimo Mangialavori

Massimo is a leading figure in the world of contemporary homeopathy. He lives and practices in Modena, Italy and he grew up in Milan. He qualified as a doctor in 1984.

Massimo is internationally known and respected for his deep and enquiring mind that penetrates beneath the surface and searches for the unifying pattern of the whole. For example when researching materia medica Mangialavori takes into account all the natural phenomena and synthesises this with anthropological, physical, psychological and esoteric points of view. His journey is to fathom the themes of the remedies and let them speak for themselves.

massimo mangialavori



Items available from Massimo:


Bitten In The Soul : Experiences With Spider Remedies In Homoeopathic Medicine
Self Destructiveness (Acute and Chronic Attitude to Injuring the 'Self')
Session 1 - Remaining in a Safe Environment: The Sea Remedies
Session 2 - Unreliable Basic Support: Silicea-Like and Magnesium-Like
Session 3 - Knowledge, Seduction and Forsakenness
Session 4 - Identifying with Society
Session 5 - Identity and Individualism
Session 6 - Precious and Base Metals: An Alchemical View
Solanaceae: Nightmare between Light and Dark
Some Cactaceae in Homeopathic Medicine

Post graduate and seminars




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