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We provide a range of internet resources to support you, both as a student and as a practitioner. Please note, however, that these are not essential elements of your study. If you do not have easy access to the internet, related information can always be provided in printed form.

Our On-Line Resources facility is on our website. It is a growing centre of useful facilities for both students and graduates of the School. A summary of some of the aids available is shown, which include both open and password-controlled access. Of special note is the School Chat Room to help you make contact with other School students, graduates and faculty members worldwide. We provide guidance to identify ‘best times’ to join the Chat Room and also notify when we have arranged for any of our tutors or other practitioners to participate.

Aids available on-line include:

Latest news from the School of Homeopathy for attendance and home study students

Easy-to-use Chat Room for School of Homeopathy students

Details of worldwide seminars, workshops and teaching weekends being given by our School or members of our faculty

Information on our extensive range of competitively priced homeopathy textbooks

Document templates for home study course assignments and supervision

Details of special discounts for School of Homeopathy students on repertory software, pharmacy and supplies

Audio lectures/case updates from the School prior to inclusion in the home study course.


"I just participated in my first chat session and wanted you to know that I am very favorably impressed. Not only by the extradordinary content and quality of exchange, but also by Richard's remarkable ability to maintain multiple threads simultaneously (like a chess master), and by the national/geographic diversity of participants. Thank you for this great student learning opportunity."
Chuck Sperry, Student, USA




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