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At the heart of our worldwide programmes lie the most comprehensive home study courses available. They combine some of our finest teaching material, carefully selected from the accumulated resources of the School since it was founded, with regularly updated current approaches to give you thorough, enjoyable and creative study. You can start whenever you like and the courses can be spread over time. In this way they can be fitted into busy life schedules.

Encouragement and guidance is given from a personally assigned tutor who supports you throughout your endeavours, giving extensive written feedback on your assignments. Mentors and tutors are practicing and fully qualified homeopathic practitioners, chosen for their skills in helping you learn. The home study course manager, Amanda Norland, supervises your progress, and is available for queries or pastoral care. We also have other in-house facilitation, should any problems be beyond our scope to solve. If you have email access, then this is the most effective way to send in your assignments and to ask any questions regarding your study.

"Thank you for making the International Study Programme available. It has enriched my life and the lives of those around me tremendously and even though I still have quite a long way to go I am convinced that I have discovered my 'purpose.' "
Sandy Oswald

You have the benefit of carefully edited CD recordings of classroom teachings, CD’s of actual cases and interactions, plentiful amounts of underpinning information, and numerous examples of past students’ work. You are guided through the topics by reference to books and as well as by specifically written explanations, descriptions and diagrams. You check your progress and reinforce your learning through self-assessment questions and model answers. At the end of each study unit, you send written assignments to your tutor for feedback and assessment. All of this can be done at your own rate and in your own time. Self-reflection plays a crucial role in your learning and later in developing your skills in casework.

"I am becoming more and more involved and obsessed with homoeopathy and I really enjoy this school with all the opportunities you offer and also with the materials. I like the whole system; that I can learn everything from distance, free from obligations, no deadlines, no tests, the whole thing is upon me and this gives a lot of freedom and free choice, much more inspiration than with deadlines (at least for me). So thank you for you and Amanda and the whole staff for making and leading such a wonderful college."
Violetta Villa'nyi, Hungary

Regional Programme Differences
Our home study programmes alter slightly in different parts of the world. You can read about each programme in the dedicated regional sections of the website:

Rest of the world

Programme differences are also detailed also after each course description in the courses section. Please note, however, that the study material is the same in all courses; it is only the clinical support that alters. All students wishing to become practitioners have to attend clinical observation hours and go into clinical supervision.

"With all the educational programmes I've been through (including medical school and psychiatry residency), the School's North American programme is the most valuable, well thought-out, thought-provoking, rigorous, inspiring, and clinically relevant training that I've experienced. Tutors, faculty, administration were all extremely responsive and caring. A great foundation for my evolving work as a homeopathic practitioner."
Jocob Goldman MD

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My studies were the richest and most satisfying educational experience I have had—and that's saying a lot, as I have been through university, allopathic medical school, psychiatric residency training, and Jungian analytic training.

home study: study at own pace; courses start any time;study anywhere in the world






The School has a solid foundation in classical homeopathy, both in its philosophy and practice, yet, has the openness and creativity to explore new avenues and latest advances.


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