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The School of Homeopathy puts on a few Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events each year for homeopaths, some of which are open to students. CDP is an important aspect of professional health-care in the 21st century. In any line of healthcare there is a constant need to be supported, educated, informed and inspired to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field. CPD is one means by which we can do this for ourselves and continue the process of life-long learning.

Our annual CPD Supervision Day
Sensational supervision! A free CPD day with The School of Homeopathy: An annual event for new and current School Supervisors.

If you are classically trained and have been in practice for at least 3 years and are interested in finding out more about supervising with the School of Homeopathy, then this day is for you. Come along to the School Annual Supervision Network day to be held at Yondercott in Devon. See the timetable on the intro page for the dates. These free CPD events are offered to all those who supervise School of Homeopathy students or who would like to know more about joining the network. We only have 25 places each year so please book well in advance if you wish to join.

What can you expect on the day?

* To learn about being a supervisor.
* To discover more about a homeopathic sensation approach to supervision.
* To find out about the benefits of joining the School of Homeopathy's network of supervisors.
* An opportunity to review your own needs for supervision and training.
* There will be time to get to know each other over lunch and in practicing supervision together.

After the event
If you decide to join the School of Homeopathy’s Supervision Network your details will be added to our online Supervision Network. You will be asked to provide a mini biography about your approach to supervision, your experience and education in this area as well as your approach to homeopathy. This helps students to meet with the supervisor who is right for them. Homeopaths who have taken School courses in supervision are recommended to students.

meet our faculty

Want to know more?
If you interested in this event or want to book, please contact Sheila Ryan who will be more than happy to help.
Sheila Ryan



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