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Chapter 1-古代與現在的飲食模式
Chapter 2-主要宏量營養素和相關食物
Chapter 3-蛋白質
Chapter 4-碳水化合物
Chapter 5-脂肪與油脂
Chapter 6-細胞與細胞能量
Chapter 7-細胞內部環境
Chapter 8-細胞自我清潔的需求
Chapter 9-微量礦物質與它們對細胞的貢獻
Chapter 10-礦物質
Chapter 11-維他命
Chapter 12-消化
Chapter 13-排除
Chapter 14-腸道菌叢
Chapter 15-主要食物的排泄及抑制特性對比
Chapter 16-斷食及清潔的原則
Chapter 17-營養以外
Chapter 18食物的成分
Chapter 19-過敏症、耐受不良及敏感性
Chapter 20-飲食的設計
Chapter 21-健康的選擇


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I enjoy my studies and really appreciate all the help from the school. When I was searching around, I compared the curriculum in great detail with other schools and found that yours provided the most comprehensive.




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